Changes to A Glorious Beauty + Big Announcement!

Hey guys! I know I haven’t posted here in a while (see further down), but I’ve been so busy; there’s a lot going on right now. One of those things I’ve been working on, though, has been my Patreon! And guess what? It’s totally live now.

There’s a variety of Pledge levels available, too- including a few low level options like $1, $2, $5 Pledges. The plan is to post at least once a month, and that content will range from art, to short stories, to poetry, photography, tips and trips, and more. You’ll have to Pledge at least $5 to get the big monthly updates, but I’ll be posting one freebie poem or spell a month for all pledge levels as a thank you regardless.

And for those who want to become Patrons, I’ve got a special little surprise for you: You’ll be able to download a .PDF copy of Devotional Bones, complete with the Photography I did earlier this year.

I’d also like to remind everyone that, after careful thought and consideration, I decided to transfere A Glorious Beauty’s posts over and combine them with my other blog- A Sweet and Delicate Thing.

In the interim, if you are accidentally redirected here from a link on ASaDT? To get to the right post, simply swap agloriousbeauty with sweetdelicatething in the address bar / url for the post. Since most of the urls were retained during the changeover, in most cases this will take you to the new location for the post on the appropriate blog.

Likewise, if you are looking for a specific post and still can’t find it, please feel free to message me on tumblr and I will happily get the link for you.